Policies and Rules
NCLT Rules and Policies

The policies and rules of the NCLT are intended to provide a suitable, safe and comfortable environment in which the public can enjoy nature and passive recreation.  Keeping the properties and trails maintained is a full time job and its a team effort for all involved - hikers, volunteers and stewards.  We appreciate your efforts in this team effort and notifying us if anything is amiss.  Please email if you have questions or for reporting purposes.

  • NCTLT properties are open sunrise to sunset.
  • Please stay on designated trails, bridges and maintained areas.
  • Wear red or orange during hunting season.
  • NO dumping, littering, camping, smoking, fires, swimming, hunting or trapping.
  • NO motorized vehicles allowed.
  • Please carry in and carry out anything brought in.
  • Review the dog/leash policy adopted by the Board of Directors in January 2016.
  • Please clean up after your pet and carry out.  
Dog/Leash Policy

New policy for dog owners using Northern CT Land Trust properties
Effective January 5,2016 dogs are allowed on all of our properties while on a leash and under control of its handler.

As wardens of the land that the NCLT owns, we have a duty to protect the land, the habitat and the public that use our properties. The public has to have an expectation that their experience while on NCLT properties will be a safe and peaceful one. 

We are implementing this policy due to incidents reported to us from the public regarding disruptive dog behavior. We have received complaints about unleashed dogs running wild and aggressively coming upon other hikers or hikers with leashed dogs.  Our properties are not dog parks; they are wildlife protected areas with trails in them.

Our new policy is consistent with other Land Trust organizations. In CT state statutes (CGSA 22-364) it is “unlawful for a person to allow his or her dog to run at large, meaning that the dog is not under control of its owner”.

We are not trying to punish dog owners who use our properties. We have an obligation to protect the land, the wildlife and the public who use our properties. Having your dog on a leash today will help us accomplish that goal.
Comments about this policy may be mailed to: Northern CT Land Trust, P.O. Box 324, Somers CT 06071 or emailed to:

January 16, 2016
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