Swann Farm

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Swann Farm Property and Trail Map

The Swann Farm was a purchase on 1/5/2001 and is comprised of 56 acres.  This farmland and forest property also is used as an orchard and a working corn field.  The property is open to the public but there are no marked trails.  Location:  on Reeves Road.

The property includes two large fields that are leased to local farmers for growing feed corn.  A one and a half acre section has been planted with 300 chestnut trees.  This research orchard is part of The American Chestnut Foundation's program to develop blight resistant American chestnuts.

The forested area on the property includes a vernal pool and a chorus of quacking Wood Frogs can be heard in April.  Red Tailed Hawks, Woodcock, Bluebirds, Turkeys and many other more common species have been seen on the property.

Hartford Courant, September 3, 2002


Swann Group at Orchard

Chestnut Orchard 2009

Chestnut Orchard 2011

Orchard Signs

Richard Bailey Orchard Manager

Swann Farm First years growth Chestnuts 2009

Swann Farm 2007 New Chestnut Plantings

Tree Frog on a chestnut branch
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