Scantic Riparian Area Information

Scantic Riparian Area in Somers, CT

The two trailheads are both on the south side of Durkee Road in Somers, CT. Durkee extends from Route 83 on the east to Four Bridges Road to the west. The trailhead for the riverside section of the trail is near the western end of the Scantic River bridge. Only roadside parking is available there. The trailhead for the power line service road section is at the gate. Ample parking is available along the road there and under the nearby steel tower.

Informational articles written by Jerry Stage:
Detailed notes on the property and trails.
Read all about work being performed on the high tension wires, replacing splices, and other observations.
Beaver, muskrat AND mink!  Read all about it in this article.
The story of how an invasive species, purple loosestrife, was controlled using beetles. 
 (Photo credit: Wes Smith L; Jerry Stage R)



Beetles on Loosestrife

Beetles x two

Scantic Riparian Area Mixed Use
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