Talcott Ravine

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Town of Vernon Trail Map (includes Talcott Ravine Trail), updated April 2011

In December 2010, John G. Talcott Jr. donated a 20 acre parcel in the Talcottville Gorge area to the Northern Connecticut Land Trust land trust. The trust paid $5,000 to help cover closing costs and other expenses with financial help from local organizations, including the Friends of Valley Falls, Vernon Citizens for Responsible Development, and Friends of the Hockanum River Linear Park. The Town of Vernon also contributed $5,000 for the purchase with money from the open space fund. This collaborative effort of various groups as well as the commitment from the Town of Vernon make this acquisition very special indeed.  Although privately owned, for years, residents have been using this scenic and wooded area, containing a portion of the Tankerhoosen River for passive recreation such as fishing, hiking and bird watching. The waterfalls provide some evidence for the past history of the area, particularly mills owned by Peter Dobson in the early 1800s. Now the property is owned by the Northern Connecticut Land Trust and will continue to provide passive recreation pursuits for the public.   Stewardship of the property will be the responsibility of the Trust with a stewardship team formed to specifically address the monitoring and stewardship of the Talcott Ravine, a joint effort with interested individuals in Town including the Vernon Citizens for Responsible Development.   The Talcottville area and Ravine are true historical gems.  While constructing a cotton mill near the gorge in the early 1820s, the prominent manufacturer Peter Dobson observed evidence of glaciers and boulders and rocks that appeared to have been scraped and ground down by a force.  Come visit the property, walk the Ravine and connect to the Rail Trail for an historical and interesting hike. 

On February 14, 2011 the Northern Connecticut Land Trust held an event to thank the donors and contributors who collaborated and donated funds for the acquisition of the Talcott Ravine.  The event was held at the Talcottville Congregational Church.  Bill McGurk, President of Rockville Bank and William "Bill" Crawford, incoming President of Rockville Bank donated $2,000.00 to the Talcott Ravine closing costs fund completing the $10,000.00 closing cost drive required by the donor agreement.  Coffee and baked goods were donated by Dunkin Donuts (Route 83). 

If you are interested in volunteering for a work party at Talcott Ravine or any of the NCLT properties, please contact

Work Party December 10, 2011 (photo credits: G. Faherty and D. Bellingham)

Beth and Michelle removing brush

Cave alongside Trail

Don, Gerri, Jessica, Herb, Michelle & Gail Checking a fire pit



Group at work


Jessica and Beth

Jon and group

Jon, Jessica, Beth, Richard & Kurt


Kurt & Matt with chain saws. Herb behind.

Kurt and Matt


Large tree on trail 2


Matt taking on a downed tree

Michelle, Herb, Jon and Richard


Richard, Jessica, Michelle, Matt, Gail, Herb, Gerri and Don

Starting out

Talcott Ravine Entrance & First Tree Problem

Tankerhoosen River and Falls by Dobson Road

Ten of the eleven on cleanup

Tree on trail

Watefalls by Dobson Road

Work Party

Work Party 2
Talcott Ravine Valentine for Vernon, Summer and Sign Installation


Talcott Ravine Celebration

Talcott Ravine

Talcott Ravine

Tankerhoosen River

Tankerhoosen River

Falls and Dam on Easterly portion of property

Talcott Ravine Sign 10 2 2011 Installation

Jon Roe and Jim Gage

Talcott Sign

Talcott Sign and Jim Gage

Talcott Sign and Jon Roe

Talcott Ravine Sign

Tankerhoosen River

August 2011 TR 006 very small.jpg

August 2011 TR HIKE.jpg


Culver Modissette

Dignataries Rockville Bank

Talcottville Pond at Cul de Sac

Jim and Gail

Welcome to Talcott Ravine
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