Valley Falls Area (Multiple Properties)

The Valley Falls Area in Vernon consists of multiple properties.

A.K Webster Preserve (30 acres) was a purchase made in April 2003.  The property has marked trails and is located above the Rail Trail at Valley Falls and between Valley Falls and Echo Ridge.

Map of Valley Falls Area properties

Naturalist's Notes  A.K. Webster Preserve and Echo Ridge (Written by George Arthur)

Trail Map of A.K. Webster Preserve

Town of Vernon Trail Map including Valley Falls Area

Echo Ridge (13.5 acres) was a purchase made in August 1999.  This property is open but there are no marked trails.

Brandy Hill (12 acres) was acquired in 1997.  There are marked trails accessible off of Brandy Hill Rd., adjacent to Indian Trail property.

Indian Trail (7.3 acres) was acquired in January 1991.  There are marked trails accessible off of  Indian Trail and Bolton Rd, adjacent to Brandy Hill property.

Hatch Hill (1.4 acres) was acquired in December 1993.  There are no trails.  Property is located off of Hatch Hill Rd.

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