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Hegarty Hollow

John Hegarty, a neighbor of our past NCLT president Culver Modisette, owned 83 acres of upland forest in northwestern Stafford, CT. John and Culver would frequently meet to reminisce about their servie during WWII. Culver was in the Navy and John was in the Merchant Marine. Both served on ships in the dangerous convoys crossing the north Atlantic.

Because of this association, as of July 31, 2017, the end of NCLT fiscal year, 67 acres including the house have been transferred to the NCLT.

The Board of Directors decided to name the property Hegarty Hollow in honor of John and Alice Hegarty and because the address is 7 Bartlett Hollow Road. Bartlett Hollow Road turns into a trail through the woods that continues into our 118 acre Culver Pond Nature Preserve.

Keep tuned for further information related to this property.